Ways to Practice a Waste-Free Working Place

When you are at home reducing your waste can be a great challenge, as an employee keeping your waste at a minimum while working in an office is pretty tough. You can make easy adjustments of your everyday routine to be as waste free as possible at your workplace.

Here are some ideas:

Pack Your Own Lunch

Using reusable containers for packing your lunch and snacks or taking a reusable coffee mug to work very morning can help you save money and reduce the amount of waste. McCrindle Research released a report that only 4% of working Australians take lunch from home to work every day. With 1 in 4 Australians working over 50 hours a week excluding travel time we must be finding it hard to put time aside to prepare lunch every day.

In addition, it’s burning a hole in our pockets. Analyst Mark McCrindle reports that an average worker spends about $1400 every year on snacks while 10% spend over $3000. This figure will probably double for coffee lovers.

 Make supplies last longer

Finding a dried out pen while working during a stressful day is really frustrating to avoid this check some ways to make your office supplies last longer especially common items like pens. If they are not being used regularly the ink of pens, markers and highlighters are more likely to dry up, make sure you use them every now and then to avoid this. Try to clean the pen tips and store them with their tips pointing upward to avoid clogging, pens and markers should be stored in a dry and cool place like in a cupboard or a drawer since drying is caused by heat and direct sunlight.

Precycle your office supplies

Precycling is defined as a simple act of reducing non recyclable waste before we start making waste. Use products that can be recycled or reused such as paper clips rather than staples or replacing bubble wrap with crumpled newspaper. You can also reuse office supplies like boxes and folders as much as possible before disposing them.


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