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How Can Communities Protect Natural Resources

To sustain a community, it is essential to preserve the natural environment. The following are different techniques and approaches that have been used plus proven to be helpful in the conservation of natural resources in many communities.


Water is life. Sufficient amount of water supplies is necessary to sustain the life of people in the community and the ecosystem as well. The government and the community have to work hand in hand that there is enough water supply for everyone.


Communities need ‘energy’ to generate electricity and make life easier and comfortable. However, nonrenewable energy sources used in households, workplace, and transportation contribute much pollution and causes harmful effects to the environment. To avoid these negative impacts, it is important to conserve the use of energy and opt for renewable cost-effective and more sustainable energy sources.

Air and Climate

The low air quality and climate change have the negative impact on human health and ecosystem. Communities can do something about it. Communities must start eliminating the emission of hazardous chemicals into the air and reduce the number of pollutants that contribute to the air pollution.


Biodiversity plays an essential role in keeping the ecological balance that leads to sustainability. To protect the biodiversity, it is important for communities to preserve and promote healthy wildlife. Communities can work on effective approaches to the protection, management, and improvement of wildlife populations and their natural habitats in their areas.

Land, Forests, and Ecosystems

We can do many things to help protect and conserve our forest. Forests are among the valuable areas where communities can get renewable resources of different products.  While keeping a healthy ecosystem, communities can implement policies and programs to balance conservation of natural resources and economic needs. For instance, land use practices and business activities can be both developed by communities to enhance local economies and conserve the ecosystems at the same time.

Communities can make a difference together while making their life better not only for themselves but for generations to come.

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