About WasteConnects

Waste collection and management made easy

The online marketplace to help your business get the best quotes from qualified, leading waste service contractors and waste service providers.

Statement of Purpose

Waste Connects purpose is to ‘Help humanity manage our footprint’ and guide everyone involved in the responsible collection, disposal and management of commercial waste. You will save time, money and stress while looking after the environment and our planet.

What We Do

Unlike domestic waste, business waste is not collected by Council and ALL businesses need to organise their own waste collection services.

Waste Connects is the online marketplace giving SME businesses and giving pre-qualified waste service providers and contractors the ability to connect!

Waste Connects provides affordable alternative waste solutions which save all parties involved time, money and stress. Virtually doing all the hard work for you!

Our Solutions

Waste Connects is the online price and service comparison marketplace with a workflow process that removes the nightmare waste management has become, changing the way businesses purchase and handle their waste.

How It Works

·      Setup your account ~ a one time easy process

·      Post a description of the waste you want removed online

·      Your request is matched with pre-qualified service providers that best meet your needs

·      You will receive 3 quotes

·      YOU choose your preferred supplier

·      Sign the contract online

Your waste collection service begins on the agreed date.

The following year you will be notified when your contract is due for renewal, then you make any changes you require. With the simple press of a button the process begins with the project being relisted. You will receive 3 new quotes, choose your preferred supplier, and your new contract commences.

All your waste management files will be held on your company dashboard which allows seamless waste management and control in the event of staff turnover.

The Waste Connects marketplace, is to be rolled out over the next 3 months with a full launch, February-April 2017 to coincide with the change in Australian Federal Contract Law. Removing clauses deemed to be ‘unfair’, more commonly referred to as ‘evergreen’ clauses, ‘Rollover’ clauses or “Automatic’ renewal clauses which have allowed ‘unfair’ advantages to larger companies when dealing with SMEs.

All contracts that fall under this new legislation and are in the rollover phase, as at 12th November 2016 were deemed null and void as of that date.

The Waste Connects platform has been created with the future in mind and has the ability to scale globally.

Address: PO Box, 23 Milsons Point NSW 1565

Phone 1300 580 258

Email: servingyou@wasteconnects.com.au

Web: www.WasteConnects.com.au