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How Can Communities Protect Natural Resources

To sustain a community, it is essential to preserve the natural environment. The following are different techniques and approaches that have been used plus proven to be helpful in the conservation of natural resources in many communities. Water Water is life. Sufficient amount of water supplies is necessary to sustain the life of people in… Continue reading How Can Communities Protect Natural Resources

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4 Easy Steps in Helping the Environment

Both human and animal life need a healthy environment. To sustain life, essential resources are needed such as potable water, clean air and edible food. While people have to consume the natural resources to live in more comfortable life, there is a negative impact on the environment.   The irresponsible use of natural resources caused… Continue reading 4 Easy Steps in Helping the Environment


‘Fracking’ It’s Toxic Chemicals Pollute Water

According to a recent study, toxic ‘fracking’ chemicals remain for a long period of time in the environment. This is so alarming that it may contaminate food and water supplies. The process of fracking takes place when a mixture chemicals and water is inserted into the ground to drill into shale and rock which extracts… Continue reading ‘Fracking’ It’s Toxic Chemicals Pollute Water


What is the Cost of Doing Business in Today’s World?

Is it time for a rethink? We salute environmental causes but we are just winning the skirmishes, not the war. Can we do more? Here are some ideas that if acted upon will help humanity reach our goal. Collaborate with Different and Opposing Parties! Some environmentalists see businesses in the private sector as villains but… Continue reading What is the Cost of Doing Business in Today’s World?


Ways to Practice a Waste-Free Working Place

When you are at home reducing your waste can be a great challenge, as an employee keeping your waste at a minimum while working in an office is pretty tough. You can make easy adjustments of your everyday routine to be as waste free as possible at your workplace. Here are some ideas: Pack Your… Continue reading Ways to Practice a Waste-Free Working Place


Tracking Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The National Greenhouse Accounts is published in Australia by the Department of the Environment which track national emissions since 1990. The data is broken down into countrywide, by state and by specific industries. The purpose of the collected and published data is to meet the reporting commitments of Australia under the rules of the United… Continue reading Tracking Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Effective Waste Management in your Home

Getting rid of the waste produced in the average can be troublesome for many citizens. Doing waste management effectively lessen the long term environmental effects caused by ineffective waste disposal. Garbage in all its forms is something we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Start using cloth reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Buying in bulk size… Continue reading Effective Waste Management in your Home